May 4, 2007

An Unpleasant Transition

I really don't know what to make of this photo. At first I thought it was a lovely shot of an egyptian vulture caring for its egg. Then I saw that the egg had been cracked open, with some of the yolk spilled out. A tender moment had turned into a horrific one (not a pleasant transition). Is mama looking for vengeance on whoever cracked the egg? Or is birdie enjoying an afternoon snack?

Photo source: David Small


Abby Trois said...

Yeah, I just recently saw a PBS show on animals using tools and these guys are famous for using rocks to break open eggs.
IMO they are the most beautiful vultures.

Kritter said...

Yes, a delicious snack. And they do get the tiara for "Most Beautiful Vulture". For whatever that's worth.

Anonymous said...

I don't belive the "most beautiful vulture' award would mean much when you've just jammed your head into a buffalo carcass and are now covered in blood, but hey, everyones got their faults.