May 26, 2007


I wonder if my parenting would change if my kids came covered in scraggly down. It would wreak havoc on my vacuum cleaner at least. Also, the whole head-turning talent that owls have would make feeding a bit more troublesome.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like these little guys were dipped in somethng sticky and made to stand in front of a cottonwood tree on a windy day.

Howard said...

Ahhhh, they're Rolling Stones cute!

Arachnophile said...

Owlets aren't always that... crusty looking. I think they may be wet in that picture. I've got some Great Horned owlet pics that would slay you with the CUTE!

These are GHOs or one of the eagle-owls with "ear-tufts". I'm leaning to GHOs though. They act so much like kittens at that age, grabbing anything that moves with their talons but not strong enough to do anythinga about it yet. :)