May 20, 2007

Grubby Kids

Thought y'all could use a pair of glistening caterpillar shots. If there is one thing I'm happy about, it's that we humans don't go through a larval phase in our early childhood. Parenting is hard enough with kids being adorable. If they looked like this?

Photo source: Ben Francis

Photo source:


Wendy said...

They look so squishy, as if they contain the most disgusting toothpaste in the world. :(

Anonymous said...

I agree that a larval stage wouldn't be that great, but I often wish human children had a pupa stage - preferably during puberty. It would be cool to be able to just stand their cocoons up in a closet, and then when they're ready to emerge, invite the relatives and friends over for junior's 'coming out' party.

Raging Wombat said...

Pupating teenagers. I love the idea!

Arachnophile said...

Separated at birth?