May 21, 2007

One Chunk at a Time

This one threw the zoo staff in Patok, Albania for a loop. They had themselves a wolf they wanted to feed, so they threw a donkey in for food. But the wolf would not partake. Instead, the two 'have become attached to each other' and have been cohabiting for days now.

I don't know that the wolf is so much attached to the donkey as he is afraid of it (look at its face!). I imagine the wolf would have been happy to eat the donkey had the zoo keepers fed it to him one chunk at a time.

Thanks for the link, Alma!

Photo source: Yahoo!


Morgan said...

That is just about the most evil looking donkey I've ever seen.

Kung Foodie Kat said...

someone needs a bath 'n a brushin!

Pat said...

They both look pretty fed up...and hungry. Wonder who will eat who.

Arachnophile said...

I've been holding off commenting on this one because:

a) Here are two of my very favorite of mammals but,

b) This is a case of an obviously BAD zoo, likely underfunded and trying their best n' all but still bad.

I'm actually not entirely surpised by how things turned out. These are two VERY social species being housed alone in lousy conditions. Their makin' the best of a bad situation.

Still, it shows some ignorance on the part of the zoo folks because donkeys are such NOTORIOUS canine-killers. I knew one as a kid that litterally hunted them. She killed many a farm dog but made up for it by also killing any cyotes that got near the calves.

In this closed in situation, I'd have put my money on the donkey. Wolves don't often take prey that size on there own. There is NOTHING natural about what these people had planned. I'm glad it worked out as it did.

Our little donkey wants to kill our dog so bad, you can see it in her eyes. She's a miniature but when you've got sharp little hooves that are as hard as nails and an evil and cunning little mind, people call you "mister" Fanny. ;) Just so you don't think to ill of her. She's also a HUGE cuddle-bug and we know our horses are safe with her around.

*sigh* There's way too many zoos out there like this and it makes me sad.

Sorry for my rant everyone. I can't help myself.

Raging Wombat said...

I agree, arachnophile! I've seen photos of donkeys killing (or having killed) all sorts of beasties. They are ornery for a reason.

Arachnophile said...

That's why we call her "Fanny" the gaurd-donkey. She doesn't have to fulfill any purpose other than being her. She's also a great companion animal for the horses. She's a constant when occasionally the horses may have to get moved around.