May 17, 2007

Kosher Pig?

I thought I had pretty well tapped out the swine family in terms of species covered, but how wrong I was. Anne emailed me this photo to let me know about the babirusa.

This endangered pig kin is native to Sulawesi and other islands around Indonesia. An interesting note on this beast is that there was some debate as to whether it was a pig, and whether it could be considered kosher or not. You see, the babirusa is split-hoofed, with a three-chambered stomach and was thought to be a ruminant. But, alas, it was eventually determined no to be a ruminant, and therefore not kosher. So close!

Thanks for the photo, Anne.


Arachnophile said...

okay, if no one else is going to say it: DANG!!

I thought good ol' warthogs and/or wild pigs were, while admirable on a lot of levels, pretty dern UG-LEY.

This one is ugly in such a unique sort of way though... The one in this picture is pretty tame compared to the out-of-control-tuskage of the ones I found on google.

I learned somthing new today - THANKS!

Andrew said...

i was wondering where i could find the pig. it really turns me on and i was wondering if i could begin a relationship.
my name is wilbur call me 919-383-4912
pce out homedogs,
ps ur nuts are hangin out

Anonymous said...

yeah if he is koser can jews eat them ha if so i would like to eat the "balls" with a side of cigs and dip thanks much


Andrew said...

i think that siberia would make a great home for these monstrositys, i was doing an interbreeding experiment with these pigs and humans, and was wondering if u could help me. i enjoy destroying random bacon particles also, so u can all suck my balls

Anonymous said...

i think i farted in my mouth

Andrew said...

u might want to bring a clean up towel before looking at these pigs.

Andrew said...

also, most pigs enjoy digesting cigarettes, and oblitering innocent unborn fetuses, so to keep your fetuses safe, do not digest kosher dill pickles.

Anonymous said...

the only thing that gets me more eeroused is bacon and lettuce ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats the stuff right there yeah with some mayo and some seaman

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In Malay, babi means pig and rusa means babirusa = pigdeer....

Raging Wombat said...

Fascinating, anon!

Anonymous said...

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