May 28, 2007

A Fruitful Life

I know, I know. I shouldn't be posting on a dead critter, but I couldn't pass up on this dead wasp. I'm sure he lived a long, fruitful life full of paper nest making, drinking nectar or caterpillar blood, and menacing me with that stinger.

Thanks for the link, Kristene.

Photo source: Morgan (QuestingBeast)


Anonymous said...

Uh, I have a feeling this wasp isn't quite dead yet in this pic. If you go into QuestingBeast there is a gruesome pre- or post- photo that goes with this one. Incredible photos--but what type of insect is the killer standing over the wasp?

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh, I'm Morgan the person who took this pic, and I don't know where the first person who commented got the idea that the wasp wasn't dead. In my comments I think I mentioned that my boyfriend found the dead wasp in a box of fireworks, and brought it to me 'cause I'm interested in insects and love to photograph them. Anyway, just wanted to set the reccord straight. Whoever "annonymous" is should maybe take the time to read a little bit more carefully before accusing people of things.