May 12, 2007

Same Loathing

I abominate standard poodles. Partly because they always seem to win Best in Show (sour grapes), but mainly because of the grooming they receive. I know its not fair to the dog, and I have no problem with poodles that haven't been buzzed to look like they have taken a run through the carwash. But there it is anyway.

I am beginning to associate alpacas with that same loathing. This one, named Truffles, just got sheared, which probably explains her less-than-pleased expression.

Photo source: Yahoo!


Kritter said...

Looks like a lollipop. One that someone dropped on the shedding dog and got all furry.

Angela said...

From alpacas you can get lovely spinnable, knit-able stuff. This makes them better than poodles.

Pat said...

Ok, that looks very like a group of animals who were stalking me recently on a country walk - they diddn't have the bad haircuts as such but they did have that lollipop head going on. Very, very sinister, they move silently, y'know? And scary teeth, too. I sort of liked them actually.

Arachnophile said...

-that's 'cause they are soft-footed. All the better to pounce on unsuspecting humans walking through the country-side my dear. ;)

Seriously though, that's why alpacas and Llamas are good pack animals because they have less impact on native vegitation than let's say horses or donkeys.

Alpacas are so painfully cute when they are unsheared though, it's hard to associate them with the nightmare of the poodle-cut. *shudder* And YES I know that the cut comes from some untilitarian concerns back-in-the-day but STILL. Some things are just plain wrong. *huff* ;-p

GoGoCactus said...

Actually, the clip is (or was) fair to the dog. The cut was originally intended to keep the joints and organs relatively protected from cold water (since the poodle was a hunting dog) and he rest was efficiently shaved.

Admittedly, a bit different than the overly-dramatic cut we see today.