Apr 15, 2008

Wild Turkey Tom

Mike of 10,000 birds sent along these photos he took of a wild turkey tom (Meleagris gallopavo).

The loose, knobby, colorful skin that enshrouds this bird's head and neck is bad enough. But I just now noticed the little tuft that caps that flap of skin that dangles off its beak. That's just about too much for me.

I recommend you visit 10,000 birds. Those folks are avid birders and conservationists (very entertaining too).

I've got a mesquite turkey sandwich, with deli mustard and cheddar cheese on multi-grain bread, waiting for me in the refrigerator. I very much look forward to it.


Unknown said...

I'm sure his tuft drives all the girl turkeys c-raaaazy.

W. A. Whipple said...

The wrinkly-melty lookin' stuff on the head and neck is bad enough, but that tuft makes it look like a really hairy deflated mole on his face. Ew.

Think I'll make mine honey roasted and Colby on whole wheat.

Barb said...

My problem with this creature is that his eye makeup is melting and running down his face. Give him a tissue!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful boy. he looks so proud and noble. It does kind of look like he's got a fuzzy nightcap hanging over his beak, though.