Apr 19, 2008

Oscar the Featherless Bird

One of the problems with running a site devoted to ugly creatures is that whenever your family or friends (hey, I have a couple!) see something ugly, they automatically think of you (not always the best association). Such is the case here, where my sister-in-law (hello Chris) saw this article and passed it along...

Oscar is a female Moluccan Cockatoo. But you can see she isn't your average bird.

She suffers from beak and feather disease, an auto-immune disease that causes (among other symptoms) her feathers to fall out before they can properly grow.

This disease is contagious, and she must therefore be kept from the other birds at the facilities of the Humane Society of Broward County. Her companions are cats and dogs and humans.

She's been a resident for over 12 years (a protection group rescued her from a man who was housing her in a barbecue grill), though no one knows exactly how old she is. And she's a real charmer. She loves to dance and strut her stuff. She also loves to flirt. She only interacts with the male staff, whistling and shimmying when they enter. She pretty much ignores the female staff.

For more details and a video, read the article. This bird (who won't survive her disease) has garnished a lot more media attention (Inside Edition, Telemundo, and WFOR-CBS4) than I ever will.



W. A. Whipple said...

Birds, psittacines in particular, are fascinating. That she has survived PBFD this long is impressive - what makes her special while others have perished? Shouldn't they be finding out?

Fascinating as Oscar and her story is - birds without feathers really are homely. Ugh.

LisaL said...

Her feathers don't fall out, she pulls them out b/c they irritate her. That's why she still has feathers on her head b/c she can't reach them.
I watched a clip of her though and she's so cute in a very weird way lol.
It's sad that her disease is going to eventually kill her though whether it be from the disease of them having to put her to sleep :( At least they're giving her a great life while she's still here though.

Anonymous said...

ugh. Couldn't they at least make her some sort of little suit? (gack)

Unknown said...

I can't get over how much she looks like a naked chicken. Not that I didn't think that being a bird she would actually look that much different, but stil -- it's kind of startling.

Anonymous said...

i have a cocktiel and his feathers are falling out he was plucking them out and i found some spray for that now his feathers are falling out u can see his ears he looks terrible but went to the vet and they took lots of test and found nothing wrong said he is healthy i have other birds also and they are fine just wish i knew what to do for him darlene gresham oregon