Apr 21, 2008

Tonight's Nightmare

Mexican fisherman call them "red devils." Squid-o-philes call them "humboldt squids". I call them "six-foot betentacled cannibalistic beasts with nasty beaks". My name hasn't caught on in the scientific community.

Marine biologists and fishermen alike have taken note of the invasion of the Pacific waters off the North American west coast by these giant cephalopods. I recommend watching this video. You'll see some freakish sights, some good ol' angling, and maybe, just maybe, fodder for tonight's nightmare. The only consolation is that they are short-lived. But that's small comfort when one is wrapped around your face and shredding you with its beak.

Thanks for the link, Ida.


Anonymous said...

Puny humans, WE are your OVERLORDS!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Gezora, calamari, Squidbillies, and tentacle porn. How could you not adore these wonderful creatures and the gifts they have given us? Just...keep your distance.

Anonymous said...

Cthulhu... Is real. And his spawn infest the waters. :-D
Lovecraft would have been overjoyed to see this.