Apr 25, 2008

Speedy the Mean Dog

When good pets go bad.

I like little creatures that are scrappy. They remind me of my two-year-old daughter.

Meet Speedy the Mean Dog (the world's next villain?). This little guy reminds us that inside every dog's genome stalks his ancestral wolf. Be afraid.

Thanks for the photos, Louisa.

Photos by Ray Ruiz


Anonymous said...

Ahhh... the wrinkled nose of a growling pup... just looks cute when they're that small! His bottom teeth stick out at a rather odd angle though, as near as I can see from that picture. If he were human, an orthodontist would be after him to get braces for that.

Anonymous said...

that's so sad. what's wrong ith him, was he abused or something? poor baby.

Anonymous said...

It really isn't that sad. He is very spoiled, just a little "high-strung".
I think he came from a house where little kids might have been too much for him but now he is just a very rude little boy. He has more love that he knows what to do with, he is just scrappy and a bit melodramatic

PB9317 said...

I'd adopt that dog just like he is.