Apr 23, 2008


Theodosia, in a synchronistic moment, saw yesterday's post of the marabou stork the same day she came across this photo on Fail Blog (very entertaining -- recommended).

I cannot conceive of the circumstances that led to this photo. Neither do I want to imagine what happened in the moments immediately following.

And then for you biologists out there: thought you might appreciate this other one.

Photo source: Fail Blog


Tengu said...

The marabou picture is only fail until you realize that giant birds are actually very skilled chiropractors.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes, the Cat Found picture... I can't help but wonder how anyone could mistake an oppossum for a cat, unless they'd never seen either one before.

Anonymous said...

I almost feel like the Found Cat thing is a joke. I mean, the little frowny face kind of puts it over the top, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope the Cat Found one is a joke! It's pretty sad otherwise.

Anonymous said...

The Cat Found picture is likely a joke, since the picture on the right is the same photo found at Wikipedia.