Apr 22, 2008

Morose Marabou

Sam took these photos while on safari through the northern part of Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. No doubt, Sam, you wore khakis, sported a pith helmet, and wielded a muzzle-loaded rifle.

What a morose marabou stork. Those gangly legs don't to seem to lend themselves to comfortable seating.

Look at his compatriots. Have you ever seen a flock of carrion-eaters who looked more ready for trouble than this gaggle? You know what they say: idle beaks (and appetites for decaying flesh) are the devil's tools.

I would hate to be downwind from them. Or upwind, for that matter: dying fauna beware.

Thanks for the photos, Sam. I am jealous of your travels.


Unknown said...

Synchronistically, I just came across this today:

Bird-Related Fail

Anonymous said...

Those legs remind me of a computer stand.

Anonymous said...

this looks like something from a story. "Suddenly, they saw a group of tall, sinister birdlike creatures with sharp beaks, wearing feathery tuxedo jackets. Waiting."


pinklefish said...

Aw. There needs to be an "Ugly or sad?" category to mirror Cuteoverload! ;)

It doesn't look right, sitting on your elbows like that. He doesn't look well. Poor old mobster Marabou.