Apr 2, 2008

Dragonfly Nymph Conversations

Nick had a conversation with his paramour recently that caused him to research dragonfly nymphs (feel free to contact him for all the sordid details).

The result of his investigations included the photo below. You'll notice the empty nymph shell hanging off the newly emerged dragonfly.

You'll also notice the little spider in the lower left-hand corner (by the dragonfly's tail), who had to observe the whole thing from the comfort of his little web. That would be like me lounging in my favorite recliner and watching a semi truck roll onto my front lawn, convulse, crack in half, and give birth to a fighter jet. The spider probably had some cool water cooler conversations the next day at work.

Thanks for the photo, Nick.


Anonymous said...

That is the best description ever.

Nickolus Roy said...

I think dragonflies are my new favorite insect.

Jen Ruhman said...

pretty UGLY!
However, the detail in the high res image is amazing!
Thanks Nick!

Anonymous said...

Excellent comparison with the 18 wheeler/fighter jet!