Apr 11, 2008

New Angler

I got beat to the punch on this one by Zooillogix, but I never pass up a chance to post on an anglerfish, especially a newly discovered one.

Photo source: National Geographic

Say hello to the latest member of the anglerfish family, straight from the waters of Indonesia. Two things set this flat-faced fish apart from other anglers: 1) its forward facing eyes, and 2) the absence of the trademark lure.

What is an anglerfish without a lure? A fisherman without a rod? A hunter without a rifle? A blogger without internet access?

But this fish has no doubt found a way to lure its pray in. Maybe it has an alluring dance or a sultry, smokey voice.

Thanks for the article, Alice and Ida.


Anonymous said...

Ah, my nemesis, Mr. Frogfish, we meet again. This seems to be the Scary Monsters and Super Creeps version of the Frogfishes family. I like Bowie. I concede defeat. You win this round, Frogfishes.

Anonymous said...

found a way to lure its prey in? Try like...the absence of a face!!