Jan 18, 2009


Jelo pointed out that I've been remiss in posting on the comely mudskipper (only one post in over three years). So here goes.

They're found in intertidal regions and in areas such as tropical mangrove swamps where fresh water meets salt water (I sense a folk song in there somewhere...). Think of them as the amphibious form of gobies--because that's pretty much exactly what they are.

Amphibious fish? Yes, ma'am. As long as they stay wet, they can aspirate through their skin, throat, and mouth lining (mudskippers are the anti-mogwai, they must get wet). These fish are also equipped with large gill chambers that allow them to retain water, like a fish variant of the scuba tank. Redundancy. These are very prepared fish.

That last shot isn't one of a singing duet. It's two rivals males in combat. They are territorial little fish.

Thanks, Jelo.


Jessica Olin said...

I actually think they're kinda cute. And that last picture makes me think of drunken fans heckling an umpire.

Anonymous said...

Who's the greatest mudskipper of them all?
Who can skip thru the mud with the greatest of ease?
What kind of wonderful guy?
Who can crawl like a dog without scraping his knees?
Who's got seg-ment-ed eyes?
It's Muddy Mud-Skipper!
It's Muddy!
It's the Muddy!
Mm-ud Ski-pper show!!

The Gravekeeper said...

I've seen these for sale in petstores, and did some research while I was thinking about getting one (I ultimately didn't--the setup you need for them can get pretty costly.) Turns out they're just about the only pet fish you could ever get that you can take out of the tank and play with.

Anonymous said...

I think H. P. Lovecraft was inspired by these guys when he described the Deep Ones in "The Shadow over Innsmouth", scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one singing the Muddy Mudskipper song.

Danielle said...

haha, I was totally going to make a Ren and Stimpy comment. Dang you all for beating me to it!

tomato_alex said...

thank you very much for your information! i am a big fan of mudskipper too!

i found a cartoon using mudskipper as their characters, let me share with you