Jan 23, 2009

Insect Eyes

It turns out that Opo Terser was the photographer who captured those amazing jumping spider faces. Opo's been gracious enough to let me use some more photos, so I went digging and discovered that Opo has looked more than spiders in the eyes. Enjoy this montage.

Caterpillar head (the stuff of nightmares)

Large fly head. Looks like a baseball whose seams are coming undone.

Walking Stick Head - (Phasmatodea)

Male Praying Mantis Head - (Stagmomantis carolina?)

Black Soldier Fly Head - (Hermetia illucens)

Compound Eyes of a Robber Fly - (Holcocephala fusca)

Pink Grasshopper (species unknown). My girls want one for a pet.


Anonymous said...

The caterpillar head looks like a fist covered in cactus spines. Yes, that's the way I think.

Alison said...

I think I might use "walking stick-head" as an insult. Not sure what it would mean in that context, but it sure sounds good!

Frank Baron said...

Amazing shots. I just hope I don't see them in my sleep.

Anonymous said...

It is truly an unfortunate day when a mantis head shot counts as "least terrifying."

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else get a good chuckle out of "The Fly: The Opera"? Because that's what this giant fly head is making me think of. Oh, how I wish it would come to the States! David Cronenberg, you lovable weirdo freakazoid.