Jan 27, 2009

Pink Menace

Alexander Semenov is a Russian diver and scientist. He's also a masterful photographer. He's pointed me in the direction of his Flickr sets, and I'm eager to share. I'll be doing several posts on Alexander's work. He took these photos this past Summer while diving at the White Sea Biological Station of Moscow State University. Enjoy this first, very diminutive creature.

You're looking at a
skeleton shrimp (Caprella linearis), most likely of the male persuasion, given its elongated head. They're too small to batter and fry, or to serve with cocktail sauce, so you'll only be able to take it in through your optic nerves. I doubt the shrimp minds.

In case you're wondering how he took these photos in the murky depths of the White Sea, here's how. Look at that setup! I need to go apply some rouge to my face to counterbalance the envy-green tinge it has just assumed.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful photos (and shrimp too). Love the new artists on this site.

Wombat, do we expect this shrimp to be in your daughter's pink animal collection? I can just see the pink iguana staring at it through the glass of an aquarium.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a mantid.

Olga said...

Recently I find Alexander everywhere =)
In Russian these creatures are called "sea little goat", so the photographer calls it "kozochka". Sounds nice =)