Jan 17, 2009

Floridan Sea Hare

The Aplysiomorpha family of sea slugs is a large one. It includes, arguably, the largest gastropods on the earth (a coveted title). They are called sea hares. Here is one such creature.

Herbie took these photos in Key West, Florida, US. His hand is in no jeopardy, since the sea hare only puts its rasper to use on sea weed. And neither is the sea hare in any danger. That last shot isn't a gory one. The sea hare squirts dark ink ("You made me ink.") It just happens to look like blood. Not a bad choice of color, really.

All we need now is a sea tortoise, and we've got a marine fable to tell. Anyone got one?

Thanks Herbie.


Danielle said...

Ya know, I can't help but think some really weird looking things are cute. They're squishy and slow. AND, they're not spiders!!!

also, I love the made me ink quote!

Raging Wombat said...

I'm glad someone got it. :)