Jan 11, 2009

It's Monsoon Time

For most creatures, people included, monsoon season is a time to head for high ground or at least for shelter. Not so for the purple frog. Monsoons equal mating time for the purple frog.

Native to India, the purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) is a relatively recent discovery. They spend nearly their time entire underground, where they eat and sleep and play chess. But come the monsoons, with their temporary rain pools, these anurans mate by amplexus (frog hugs) while floating on the water's surface (romance!). The sight of storm ravaged soil must be to this frog what soft candle light and turned-down silk sheets are to most of you.

Thanks for the article, Leigh.

Photo source: BBC


Anonymous said...

"The Purple Frog" sounds like a good pub name.

The Gravekeeper said...

What with the person's hands and the pose the frog is striking, the photo makes me think of a hot dog where the sausage is filled with either fudge pudding or blood.

Nemmy K said...

Looks like a slimy shrew. :|

Anonymous said...

It's not ugly! It's cute and squishy!