Jan 15, 2009

Frogfish Galore

Dark Roasted Blend has done a fantastic spread on the many varieties of frogfish found the world over. All photos, in turn, come from Teresa Zuberb├╝hler. This article was, in turn (x2), brought to us by Kat.

Frogfish are anglerfish, as indicated by the dangly lures they employ to bring their prey in close. They are ambush predators, as shown by their amazing camouflage and propensity to sit in place as long as needed.

When they do move, it looks like this (a bit like my toddler son):

Now, enjoy the frogfish, and be grateful they aren't terrestrial and about 20 times larger.


Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of cool how anglerfish lure in their prey...it's like the asshats who lure in gold diggers...getting rid of them for the normal people.
Maybe I'm reading into this too much...
Maybe I'm watching too much rock of love bus...


Anyway, the pink one is pretty cute.

Mark said...

As a diver, I have never seen a frogfish moving around, even on night dives - so I appreciate the video! They are hard enough to find sitting still on the reef.