Jan 16, 2009

Cozumel Monster Spider

I've always wanted to go to Cozumel for the drift diving and the Mayan ruins. Andrew may have ruined that dream of mine.

While exploring one such Mayan ruin, he came across this monster devouring its winged prey. He would like some help in identifying it. My best guess is that it is a descendant of the spider god recently revealed in the Mayan ruins at Collud. Any other thoughts?

Thanks for the spider, Andrew.


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the Banana Spider. We've got scads of them in Florida.

Pamela Fox said...

Reminds me of this one, which is common in Australia:

But I still forget the name of it :(

A Girl said...

its def a bananna spider, they are harmless to humans

A Girl said...

a bananna spider, harmless to you. They are everywhere in the bahamas as well, and get pretty huge