Jan 6, 2007

Watch Where You Step

The earthworm has been referred to, in ancient times, as The Destroyer, the subverter of monuments, and the leveler of empires. But don't let that prejudice you. Or the fact that they are slimy (especially in clumps like this), or that they are always squishing underfoot after the first rains.

Stop being a hater for a moment and give some thanks for this member of the Oligochaeta family. These worms help renew our topsoil and are indespensable in many agricultural endeavors. The next time you're enjoying some nice fruit juice, raise a glass for the earthworm. And watch where you step.

UPDATE: I need to have Rasmus edit my posts before I send them live. Oligochaeta is the class to which earthworms belong. The family is Lumbricidae. Thanks, Rasmus.

Photo courtesy: Ben McLeod


Anonymous said...

Just to be a smartass: Strictly, speaking, Oligochaeta is a class, not a family. If the worm in the picture is a common earthworm, it belongs in the family Lumbricidae.

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks, Rasmus. I fixed it.

Anonymous said...

A quick fix-fix: it's Lumbricidae, not Lumbridicae. All family names end in -idae.

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to cuddle up with one or anything, but there is something very satisfying and humbling about seeing a nice, fat earthworm doing its thing in dark, rich soil. I don't have enough in my vegetable garden.