Jan 25, 2007

Move Along

This post isn't for the squeamish. Seriously. If you have an aversion to maggots or parasites, move along.

Phlimm sent me this beastie, and it has made me never want to travel abroad. Behold the bot fly, or rather, its lavae. There are several varieties of this pest, but the one you probably care most about is the one that can end up in you.

What happens is an adult bot fly lays its eggs on a mosquito (why the mosquito hangs around for that, I don't know). Then, when the mosquito lands on its next victim, maybe you, the egg(s) is deposited on the new host. And, ta-da, you end up with a maggot living in your scalp or back (or anywhere the mosquito decided to take a sip).

For the daring, trying searching for 'bot fly' on YouTube. You'll lose your appetite.

Thanks for this monster, Phlimm. The world is a grosser place now.

Photo courtesy: Armed Services Pest Management Board


Liz said...

Ew, I youtubed it. I think a link should be provided for viewing um...pleasure.

Long time reader, first time commenter. I look forward to some ugly every day!

Anonymous said...

Oh I think I saw a video... where a woman is getting one pulled out of her head... *shudders* I have nightmares about worms under my skin, so this is like a living nightmare to me.
PLUS I'm a mosquito magnet... so.. yeah... not good...someone give me some OFF!

Nothing Never said...

Hi I love you U.O.!
I happened on a nature show on Discovery Channel I think where the host was squeezing bot fly larvae out of a cow. Morbidly fascinated and a bit nauseous, I went online and googled some images. Gave my self nightmares for the week!
I seriously would have second thoughts about going to South America cuz of this lil f***er...

Angela said...

Ew. Now I'm all itchy. I've never been happier for it to be -17 degrees. No chance of bugs today!

Raging Wombat said...

Those are exactly the videos I was talking about.


Unknown said...

i dont get squimish easely but the bot fly is one of the few things that gives me schivers

Anonymous said...

There was a great story documented by some military about someone who had one surgically removed from his eyelid (pictures of the surgery included). Morbid fascination indeed! You can also google "warbles" to see what they do to your skin.