Jan 26, 2007

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs

Peer sent these photos in. What can I say? They speak for themselves. This blog is making develop an affection for pet owners who take on such uglies.

Thanks for the pooches, Peer.


Anonymous said...

Awww, poor things! They don't know they are ugly. : (

Anonymous said...

The last dog looks like yoda. A crotchety, unshaven yoda.

Jack Ruttan said...

Ugly has more personality than cute.

Cute breaks down to a few basic traits, which can be codified into "rules." Ugly embraces everything that isn't the norm.

Mind you, a lot of wrinkly, big-eared dogs get that "Yoda" tag.

Raging Wombat said...

Jack, I like your assessment of ugly, especially your comment on the degree of personality.

I think it takes more effort to pull off a good ugly than a good cute.

Jack Ruttan said...

It's certainly tougher to be ugly. When I was a kid, there was this big cat in the neighbourhood, named "Heifetz."

He looked like he'd been mangled by a dog: one eye, broken tail, snaggly fangs. All the kids were scared of him.

But once, I came up to him, and petted him, and he was purring and as affectionate as any other kitty. Still scary, but a great cat.