Jan 16, 2007

Further Proof that Pelicans Have Poor Eating Habits

Ann sent this photo to follow up on my post about a pelican eating a pigeon. Unlike that pigeon, I'm sure this cat fared just fine. You just have to wonder at the thinking going on in this pelican's brain (and the cat's, too).

Photo courtesy: Beautiful Corpse

But there's more. Check out this video of a pelican trying to dine on a school of catfish. It is an exercise in lack-luster futility. I never knew that so much material could be found on the eating habits of pelicans.


Anonymous said...

All of this sorta seems like the equivalent of pelican junk food: pigeons, cats, giant carp/catfish. Can Ding-Dongs and Ho-hos be far behind?

Anonymous said...

*tabloid splash headline*

Pelican Trapped In Refrigerator, Eats Own Foot To Stay Alive!


مارية said...

"...going on in this penguin's brain..."

Penguin? :-)

Raging Wombat said...

Thanks for the edit, akinoluna.

Unknown said...

Just judging from the body language of that cat I'd say that he's pretty ticked off. Let's add insult to injury for the poor cat, not only can he not eat this bird, but the bird is trying to eat him. I don't think that this cat will be able to look his cat friends in the eye for a while.

Jack Ruttan said...

I think it's a love bite. Imagine if they succeed. Soon we'll have to bow down to our new Pelican/Cat overloards.

Pelican Products said...

That's actually pretty funny because I remember this one time I went on a family vacation and on this family vacation while being in San Francisco I took a steady picture of a seagull that was simply standing still. And right before I took the picture Mr. Seagull here decided to spread its wings and take off! But... Little did the bird know I took probably the nicest picture in the world of the seagull in mid air with wings completely expanded in mid flight. Sounds cool ey?? :)

Kara said...

I had a Pelican swallow my arm as a kid, it had it up to the shoulder. I had a fish in my hand and it wanted it.

I know what that cat is thinking, just the same as I did as a kid.

AHHHHH!! It's eaten me.