Jan 20, 2007

Peek A Boo

I love the wolf eel. So when I cam across this peek-a-boo face in this Flickr pool, I had to share it with you.

Wolf eels are denizens of cracks and crevices, and are known to be friendly around scuba divers. If you want to encounter one in the wild, though, you had best strap on your tank and dive the Pacific coast of North America. Watch out, though. They get as big ast 7 feet and 40 lbs. But once you've found one you like, you'll most likely find him there the next time you visit. Once they've set up shop they like to stay put.

Thanks for the link, Joe, and thanks for the photo, Calvin.

Photo courtesy: Calvin Tang


Anonymous said...

Friendly? They're probably just waiting until a diver gets complacent. Then: CHOMP! One less diver.

Evidence? A mouth made for chomping.

Raging Wombat said...

That is powerful evidence, swintah! What else could a chomping mouth be good for? :)