Jan 2, 2007

Set a New Fishing Record

I can't believe I haven't heard of the alligator gar before. Thankfully, I have alert and resourceful readers, like David, who send me photos like this one.

The alligator gar is so-named because of its size, its gator-shaped head, and because they've been known to take chunks out of swimmers. They get as big as 300 lbs, and are found in the Mississippi River Basin, from Ohio down to the Gulf of Mexico. They aren't fished for very often, though; their size is intimidating and they are hard to clean.

But, if you want to make set a new fishing record, go after one of these. There aren't that many on the books. That's how I intend to get famous. Or, if you are looking for new employment, local governments are hiring fishermen to catch these. So many possibilities!

Thanks for the photo, David.


Anonymous said...

When I was young and sitting in my grandfather's boat on the lake, I kept hearing big splashes in the distance. I asked my grandfather what was splashing and he told me they were alligator gars. My grandfather liked to BS a lot, so I assumed he was joking and I forgot all about it. Years later, I ran across the entry for alligator gars in the encyclopedia and was shocked and TERRIFIED. I don't swim in lakes anymore.

Raging Wombat said...

That reminds me of the shrieking eels from the Princess Bride.

Anonymous said...

This isn't dead-overload :(

Raging Wombat said...

Maybe it was catch and release?