Nov 7, 2009

Logan the Fly

I always thought that a fly's face looks like a baseball being pulled apart at the seams. In fact, I get so distractd by that split and those eyes and that mouth that I've failed to notice the fly's sideburns. Shame on me.

So Steve named this fly Logan (of Wolverine fame, for you non-nerds). Aptly named, though I don't Logan vomits on his food to soften it up before he slurps up the slurry. Though, if Wolverine were to combine his healing powers and adamantine skeleton with the additional mutant power of projectile acid vomiting, he'd be next to unstoppable. Though, the movies might draw a smaller crowd. That's a trade off Marvel might want to look into.

Photo source: Steve Begin


Unknown said...

Dude! That fly is UGLY!

Rizkyzone said...

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zibai said...

ugh she's damn ughly, but come to think of the wonders of God who created everything including humans. some come out beautiful, handsome and ugly and we got millions of species.
It is interesting.

Homebizguy said...

what a blog, never seen such animals.