Nov 20, 2009

Mandrill Wants to Eat You

Mandrill is the world's largest monkey. Mandrill lives in Africa. Mandrill's face becomes even more colorful when he's excited. Mandrill is shy and elusive. But Mandrill wants to eat you.

Don't let the goatee and the paint job fool you, folks. The mandrill is equipped with extremely long canines - and they know how to use them. They're also equipped with something that I wish I had: pouches in their cheeks for storing food for later consumption. Instead I have to carry around a fanny pack full of candy bars and salty snacks.

Photo source: Jean-Louis Albert


Gibbering Idiot said...

That's one seriously ugly mofo. Kind of endearing though.

...I'm new here. Hi.

Anonymous said...

they're mean, so says my teacher- she used to work at the zoo.

Unknown said...

Lion King??? I think he looks like he wants to eat my face!