Nov 1, 2009


This is really great news for cockroaches in the French Polynesian islands. We finally have a cure for you zombie cockroaches! That's right, get the word out.

If you're a roach and you've been stung by a jewel wasp with the intent of zombifying you so she can drag you off to feed you live to her young, you're not necessarily finished. No, all you need is an injection of Libersat (a mimic of the neurotransmitter octopamine), and you can be revived.

Kind of like those of us humans who have to carry around an epinephrine injection to ward off anaphylaxis, I suggest you roaches start carting around Libersat. It just might save your life.

Thanks for the link, Moneca.


Anonymous said...

Gawd. I so do not need to know about cockroaches being revived. I've put great effort into keeping them dead. Ugh. I can abide almost anything else, but not roaches. gahhhhhh

Unknown said...

And just what purpose does this discovery serve? Nothing that I am interested in knowing, that's for sure.

ChicChickory said...

Why on earth would scientist waste time wondering how to revive a zombie cockroach? IT'S A COCKROACH!!!! KILL IT..SQUASH IT...BUT UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, REVIVE IT!!