Jun 12, 2007

Wet White

Bats (Linda) sent me a link to a Daily Mail article on this same infernal, waterborn tiger. It turns out that the diving-after-meat skill is one the cat developed on its own. The tiger's name is Odin. Fear him.

Photos from: Daily Mail


Laughing Stone said...

That is a beautiful beast.

Jessica said...

Wow, that's an amazing animal!

Anonymous said...

Those are the coolest tiger pics I've ever seen!


Arachnophile said...

I do think these are two of the best shots of Odin so far. He's certainly become something of an internet celeb, hasn't he?

A tiger living in a "wildlife park" near my home mauled one of it's keepers to death recently... But it totally wasn't the cat's fault. You gotta repect these big kitties, no doubt. The place was the typical too small, too exploitive road-side spot where these things happen.

Anonymous said...

Too many eyes.