Jun 25, 2007

Contagious Yawning

I know yawning is a contagious activity, but this doesn't trigger anything in me except my fight-or-flight instinct.

Does anyone know what kind of monkey this is? His stylish hair and fangs should be a clue.

Photo source: Steve Evans


Arachnophile said...

*runs screaming from the room*

Actually I think this is the same lil' guy we all thought looked a bit like a certain president a while back?

Burgundee said...

Monkeys. scare. me.

Thanks for the nightmare fodder. Now I have monkeys + fangs to contend with.


Arachnophile said...

That is because you are a wise and discerning individual Lux. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey man, I believe this is a bonnet macaque, Macaca radiata. And just in case you were wondering...it did make me yawn :P

Jaya said...

It made me yawn too.

I just found your site today (though Stumble Upon), and I'm really enjoying it!