Jun 13, 2007

They're Doing It Right

These macaques are doing it right. They're not only getting a reprieve from the cold, but they 've also ruined a perfectly good body of water (so like a bunch of monkeys...). I've swum in enough public pools to know to question the hygiene of some of my fellow swimmers. But monkeys? Who knows where those have been. I've seen what they eat and throw, and I don't want that leeching into my pores.

Photo source: Knuttz


Arachnophile said...

Okay, see now, how *I* see this is ANOTHER case of Humans Being Too Close to Primates, even if they are mellowed-out hot-tub monkeys. ;p
"Dude, like that Sapien is like, totally TOO Close."

"Right but maybe she's got some munchies... Dude! That would ROCK."

"Maybe we should "make friends" with her to find out dude?"

Anonymous said...

See "Capuchin Monkey" link as noted above with dressed-up baboon pictures. Hideous wounds!