Jun 23, 2007

So Much Ahead of You

I assume this baby black vulture (that's 'buzzard' to most of us) is a bit tuffty and downy because it's a youngin'?

Oh, little vulture, you have so much ahead of you. No doubt mommy brought you tasty morsels of road kill and her own vomit. But soon you'll be wafting along the hot pockets of the sky in search of your own supply bloated corpses and erstwhile critters. Fly, little carrion-eater, fly.

Photo source: Vincent van Dam


Anonymous said...

I think it means something that a baby pigeon is ten times more hideous than a baby vulture. Okay, so I would want this creature perched on a near by tree staring hungrily at me, but still it's cute compared to the pigeon posted earlier.

Arachnophile said...

*sigh* I *heart* VULTURES :)

Interesting factiod: New World vultures are actually more closely related to herons than true "raptors" or birds of prey where old-world vultures are true off-shoots of the bird of prey tree-branch. :) This is not so hard to believe if you've been nose-to-beak with Africa's lappet-faced vulture or India's griffons.

Even Condors seem like big sweeties compared to those puppies. For fun, look up "Sky Burials" some time. ;)

Tamora Pierce said...

I like vultures! They're handsome, in a kinda Christopher Lee/Vincent Price-ish way. And, like pigeons, they perform a valuable service.

It is true, their babies are a lot better looking than pigeon babies. Nothin' uglier than a pigeon baby, as I can attest from personal acquaintance.