Jun 16, 2007

Bringing Home the Baboons

I can see dressing up a capuchin monkey, maybe even a spider monkey, and keeping it for a pet. But there is something very wrong in bringing a baboon home with you!

Though, admittedly, this baboon seems to have a real affection for his master. Or his master's food.

Does the guy even know the monkey is there? That would spoil my appetite [[shudder]].

Photo source: Knuttz.net

I don't think even Michael Jackson would let his kid near a streetside baboon, hooded sweatershit and leash or not.


Arachnophile said...

"Awhhh... what a cute lil' behbeh"...


You know my feelings about baboons. Never, NEVAH should they be put in children's cloths and trotted around in public.

Oh sure he's cute now but he/she is going to grow into 30-inch-canine-wielding killing machine. It's always fun until lil' bobo rips your arms off and starts beating you about the head and neck with the wet ends!

*rocks back and forth, muttering about baboon larvae*

First you give them pants, then they learn how to operate automatic weaponry, it's all over.

Raging Wombat said...

Alright. That was hilarious, Arachnophile!

Anonymous said...

And the camo pants!--with the tail sticking out the bottom! This is totally creepy. Bad things happen when wild primates are turned into clowns.

Arachnophile said...

LOL, I'm glad you enjoy my psycological instability and primate-based paranoia. "wombat". :p

"Kritter," TOO TRUE Dude/ette!

DID any of you click the capuchin link? DID YOU SEE the injuries from the teeny monkies?


Go there and imagine what a full-grown Baboon can do!

Anonymous said...

I love the expression on the kid's face. It about matches mine.

Anonymous said...

arachnophile, that is an incredibly sad and eye-opening website about captive, "pet" monkeys. I suspect the horror stories that it contains, not only about the injuries that the owners receive but also about the absolutely miserable lives the monkeys lead (by accident or otherwise) wouldn't stop someone who absolutely HAD TO HAVE A MONKEY FOR A PET, but then again, someone with that mindset wouldn't listen to much of anything...

(If this message duplicates, I have no idea why...)

Arachnophile said...

Yeah "bats" you'd like to believe that information really is power but I've seen some pretty sad evidence to the contrary.