Jun 5, 2007


Did someone really tattoo this rat? Really? What an indignity. But then, we do dock tails, clip ears, and castrate/spay animals, so this rat may have gotten off easy. Next time, rat. Next time.

Thanks for the link, Matt.

Photo source: ModBlog


Lydia said...

It isn't a tattooed rat, as the owner notes in the ModBlog comments... just a frequently doodled upon rat.

Thanks for being an antidote for all that is aesthetically pleasing in the world!

Jade said...

lydia- Being a member of BME since almost the beginning, I came in to say the same thing. It's such a cute thing to draw on a hairless rat. I'll have to try that with my next one :)

Anonymous said...

Doodling on a rat! That sounds like fun--so many creative opportunities!

Arachnophile said...

I love ratties! I can't help but feal sorry for these naked ones though... really.

Anonymous said...

Rat's kinda cute...but what's with the tats on the chick's wrists?!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering that too--they look like targets that radiologists put on cancer patients for repeated treatments, but that's not the kind of place you'd get radiation.

Maybe it's the beginnings of a big tattoo?