Feb 7, 2007

Ugly Runs Strong

Sometimes this blog is too easy (unless I'm doing posts on tiny fish). Take this baboon, for instance; he makes my job so much easier.

Did you know that the fives species of baboon, along with the Mandrill and Drill, are among the largest of the non-hominid primates? Why is it that each of these has made appearances on this blog? Ugly seems to run strong in non-hominids. Heck, the same goes for hominids.

Photo courtesy: baboon


Tamora Pierce said...

>>Why is it that each of these has made appearances on this blog? <<

Because baboons is Ugly. Uuuuuuuhhhhhgggleeeeee. Big yellow canines, elongated muzzle, bad attitude, and with the mandrills, you have the whole out-of-control clown makeup thing going on.

Even the babies are ugly. So very sad.

Anonymous said...

This guy, however, does appear to be blissfully free of nose hairs...not that trying to use one of those nose hair clippers on him would be much fun.

Goalzilla said...

Poor dude. He's clearly in the death throes of being choked by his own tongue. And what a hideous tongue it is.

Jack Ruttan said...

It's the "ugly valley." The closer a creature is to us, and misses, the uglier it is.

Further away it just becomes modern art.