Feb 25, 2007

Rolling Out the Uglies, Part I

Yahoo! Photos has been supplying us with a cornucopia of ugly animals of late. There are too many to bring you just one a day, so I'll be pumping out some extra posts to keep up.

Below is a male Hamadryas baboon (papio hamadryas). This chap looks a bit nonplussed, but I don't know why. Even though this particular species is common enough and easy enough to breed that no other Czech zoos keep them (this one lives in Liberec), this baboon's exhibition is one of the most frequently visited at his zoo. He's getting lots o' love. Oh well, you can't please every monkey.

by RadekPetrasek, via A/P & Yahoo!


TagBagger said...

He kinda looks like George W Bush in a white fright wig!

Howard said...

I thought he looked like an Aardman character. Somebody get this to the studio so they can make a monkey movie!

Goalzilla said...

It's a British Baboon! Can't you hear it now: "I say my good fellow, what's this here? Why it's lukewarm tea! Utterly disgraceful, that."

I agree with Howard: it does look like an Aardman character.

Jack Ruttan said...

He is so great. Does look like a Shakespeare Act-tor.

Anonymous said...

Arachnophile here,

Heh, we're all seeing the indignant Britisher connection here.

I'm put in mind of an angry British Barister?

"Oh, I SAY. What, what. A good caning would work for this case, back in my day."