Feb 27, 2007

Mystery Fish Revealed

Many of you left your answers in an attempt to identify my mystery fish. And many of you got it right. Congratulations to: haineux (first to respond), Xris, Swintah, and YewHew - it is a guitar fish! Dagon the fish god is now prepared to bestow many blessings upon you.

It was kat that alerted me to this creature. She sent me this article about a mystery fish in Russia. The fishermen who caught it thought they had captured an alien and took video footage of it on a camera phone. But since it didn't appear to be a threat, they went ahead and ate it anyway, much to the dismay of ufologists and scientists everywhere. One of the fishermen said it was the tastiest dish he had ever eaten.

I would love to get inside the mind of a man who believes he has captured an alien and then decides to eat it. I don't know that we would have much in common.

Click here to see the video of the alien sea monster

Photo from: Florida Museum of Natural History


Goalzilla said...

Yes! First in line for blessings!

Also, I think it makes complete sense to eat aliens. After all, they do arrive in UFOs shaped like Weber grills. And, look at the sketches! They're depicted all soft and tender. They may as well hold signs that say "Eat Me".

Anonymous said...

alien sea monster??? hahaha?? you're joking!!!!????? it's just a guitar fish!!!! idiot!

Term Papers said...

I saw it first time. Monster Fish! It has weird face.