Feb 3, 2007

No Centipedes? What?

What was that, Callandrea? You don't want a post on centipedes?

...fighting urge...cannot overcome...must post...

Ah. Here it is - another of Jade's wonderful critters, as promised and dreaded. This centipede, known as a 'neon blue centipede' (trachymorcephalus sp.), is incredibly rare. In fact, Jade may have one of the only ones in the US. They are docile for centipedes, which isn't saying much (they're still very aggressive and venomous).

If you want to see some centipedes in action, click on this link for some videos. Make sure you're not eating.

Thanks for the photo, Jade.

UPDATE: Jade actually has four of these, and is actively striving to breed them. That means more centipede for all of us!


Anonymous said...

You are a cruel and heartless blogger Raging Wombat. My skin is crawling.

Anonymous said...

Happy to have helped with that, Callandrea ;)

I actually have four of these. I'm actively breeding them, trying to produce more. I don't want to see these disappear from the pet trade. It's the prettiest 'pede I've ever seen. I even have one tattooed on my wrist now.

Goalzilla said...

What is this now - you do the opposite of what is requested?

Whatever you do, please oh please don't put up any herpetological photos. It would be too horrible for words.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Jade ... They look good in blue. ;)

Good luck gettin' 'em to breed!