Feb 6, 2007

Perro sin Pelo del Peru

This picture was floating around Yahoo! photos for a while. I thought it high time I shared it. You're looking at the Peruvian Hairless Dog. This canine was used by pre-Incan cultures in the Andes for hunting and companionship. They're even featured on ancient pottery.

These dogs were nearly driven to extinction by the Spanish conquistadors, but were able to survive in rural areas. In recent years they were recognized as an official breed by the FCI, so they should be safe now, assuming no more Pizarro brothers sweep through Peru again.

Photo courtesy: Reuters


Lizardknits said...

That dog's NOT hairless! Just look at that mohawk! Is that the natural color? or is that a dye job?
Elizabeth H.

Goalzilla said...

Oh, that dog is so punk!

Anonymous said...

Yup. Ugly overload.