Feb 2, 2007

Getting a Look Around

Sylvan alerted me to this photo, and I had to share. It's been too long since my last great white shark post.

One of the many freaky things about this fish (it seems so dismissing to call it that), is that they have good eyesight. In fact, they will sometimes poke their heads above water to get a good look around (that's quite possibly what this particular bloke is up to). I don't know what would be freakier: 1) being attacked from below with no warning, or 2) looking over from your surfboard to see one watching you, then the attack.

But Californians needn't worry too much, despite the presence of the Red Triangle. As of 2004, since 1950 there have only been 10 confirmed fatal great white shark attacks on humans off the Golden State's coast.

Thanks for the link, Sylvan.

Photo courtesy: Shark-Pictures.com


Anonymous said...

Quick - toss in a stick of gum!

*comp comp comp* = minty fresh breath

Anonymous said...

Ugly? Nah. Gonna give me nightmares? Completely and totally.

word verification: iurcqlps. I think that's the sound a person makes as this shark pulls them under.

Anonymous said...

You've forgotten the third (and possibly saddest) alternative, RW...the shark looks at you and decides it isn't *that* hungry and swims away. Talk about rejection!