Feb 4, 2010

Using the Facilities

Usually when I get really scared, I feel an increased urge to ... use the facilities. But what happens when you're actually using the facilities, and a huntsman spider clambers up the bathroom wall a mere three feet from you? It's one of those cosmic paradoxes which for me threatens the Space-Time Continuum itself.

Thanks for the photo, Suzanne.


The Shitty Astrologer said...

That would be an instant heart attack waiting for me...(not all witches are fond of large imposing spiders).

René said...

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7:57 PM

Juicy said...

I LOVE these little spiders ! They are free to live in my house until the population gets too large - then a few get relocated !!

DanaKara said...

I'm with you Juicy!

Char Reed said...

But what do you DO when you see one? Do you shoo it away from you (what if you were using the bathroom?! Ugh!)... I just had a freakout fit over a ladybug flying at me... I'm going to Oz later this year and I'm not sure how to handle one of those creepazoids!

EDYet said...

These are not "little spiders" - this one is the size of my hand. If I see one, for the most part, I ignore it. If it touches me, or sneaks up on me while I'm on the loo... well, this one died. In a not-happy way.

EDYet said...

And then there was this, which makes me worry a bit!