Feb 21, 2010

The Mighty Mandrill

Photo source: Willie Stark
Mandrill's are the world's largest monkeys and arguably the world's most colorful mammals. They are blessedly shy and reclusive...blessedly because I know that the branch it is gnawing could easily be my forearm.

They live in large groups dominated by a single male. One such group (documented on film) was estimated as being comprised of upwards of 1,300 individuals. That constitutes the largest single population of non-human primates known. That male is probably also the busiest primate on the planet.

Those enormous fangs come in handy during self-defense. But baring them to other mandrills is usually meant as a friendly greeting. I'll settle for a simple handshake, Mr. Mandrill.


Unknown said...

Mandrills rock. Ren & Stimpy depicted them as pitbulls with opposable thumbs. Quite possible actually...

Anonymous said...

For that one male amongst his pride of 1300 females...I guess he earned the name "man-drill".