Feb 22, 2010

Primordial Reaction

Photo source: straubin1
I never ever get to post on wolves, and for good reason. So I decided to cheat by getting wolves at their nastiest.

These shots triggered a primordial reaction in me. I can absolutely understand why the night held fear for my ancestors. As for me in gentle suburbia, the night holds only raccoons, house cats, and teenage punks.


Sabina E. said...

wolves are cool... I like huskies

Danielle said...

Wolves are not scary, WEREWOLVES are scary!

AnaDrea said...

I'd say wolves certainly ARE scary... just read this article the other day - http://www.ktuu.com/Global/story.asp?S=12147342
Poor lady!

DanaKara said...

LOVE wolves! Such beautiful creatures!

And hey, some teenage punks are just as scary as these wolves!

ChicChickory said...

Bad Ass and Beautiful!!