Feb 20, 2010

Opportunistic Apex Predators

This beast, safely photographed through the plexiglass of its enclosure at the Territory Wildlife Park, is a proud member of the world's largest species of living reptiles: the saltwater crocodile.

They range from India through Indochina and down into New Guinea and Australia. Just how big do they get? Crocodylus porosus exhibits the most sexual dimorphism of any crocodilian, with the females being much smaller than the males. But males average 1,300-2,100 lbs and 13-18 feet. However, males have been known to reach 2,900 lbs and over 20 feet in length.

They are opportunistic apex predators and are able to eat literally any animal in their territory. Recent research indicates that they may also be more intelligent than lab rats. But then, these last two sentences could describe me, if given a large enough barbecue.

Photo source: Alan

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