Oct 7, 2009

Porcine Knowledge

Is she a wizened old gal with wisdom to share for the rising generation of pigs? Or is she simply another overfed hog?

Anyone know what breed this is? Those are some big ears and a very wrinkled face. I was thinking Meishan, but they tend to be hairy and not so pink. At times like this I deplore my dearth of porcine knowledge!

UPDATE: Anonymous has identified this as a fengjing pig. Thanks, anon.


Denita TwoDragons said...

It's like a horrible genetic mash-up of pig, Shar-Pei, and a Mystic from the Dark Crystal!

Why is it that everything you post ends up reminding me of that movie?! I don't have a one-track mind, I promise! LOL

Anonymous said...

Jar-Jar Binks

Anonymous said...



photo by Tim Flach

Nicole said...

Wise and very cute!!! I think she looks magnificent.

Arallyn said...

I think anonymous was right and it's a fenjing. I saw one of them in person once for an animal breeding class...they're so very very ugly D: