Oct 26, 2009

Jellynose Fish

This fish is a real charmer. He was discovered dead off the coast of Brazil. He's a deep-sea jellynose fish (Ateleopodidae).

This fish has a scaleless, tapered body and is around six foot in length (I might describe my own body this way). Not much is known about them (as is the case with most deep-sea life), but it's believed that they scavenge along the ocean floor and eat whatever they suck up. My infant son has similar eating habits. When mommy isn't looking, I let him loose beneath the dining table after dinner. Once he's done, I don't have to sweep.

Thanks for the article, Leslie.


Unknown said...

This is amazing. There is still so much yet to learn about the creatures on our great planet!

Cherie said...

Loved this post. You cracked me up!