Oct 23, 2009

Harvestmen Fights

For some reason, I assumed that a battle between two harvestmen would be a true battle royale. A real rumble, with legs flapping, mouth parts flashing, and chitin flying. But no, when Steve took this photo of two harvestmen locked in arachnid combat, he noted that it was fairly anticlimactic. It consisted of nothing more than a 10-minute slap-fest involving their pedipalps. When at last the proverbial dust had settled, the one on the right gave up in frustration (having been held at bay by the larger one on the left) and walked away, neither one appearing to have received the least bit of harm.

But Steve wonders if this may have been part of a mating ritual. Anyone know? If so, we may need to teach them a thing or two about courtship and respect.

Thanks for the photo, Steve.


Anonymous said...

He should have stepped on them for being so boring! =P

janeinane said...

Re: ...having been held at bay by the larger one...

Sounds like what my older brother used to do to me.